Transcript: Being a communicator - Numeracy

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Transcript: Being a communicator - Numeracy

Female:       One leg, let's see if you can hop five times. One, two, three, four, five. Okay feet together. Jump in front of you.

We focus on numeracy with shapes, numbers, colours. I suppose it's getting them ready too for prep.

Female:       Roll the play dough and make the number on your card. Anyone know what this number got?

Children:      Four.

Female:       And what number you got?

Child:           Five.

Child:           One, two, three, four, five.

Female:       Yeah five. Good girl Keisha. Ay, Edna girl nearly finished. Oh look at Sharna, nice.

And with the shape, it's also they're learning fine motor, how to use the scissors properly, cutting and also learning different sized shapes.

Female:       Open and close, open and close.  When you finish cutting it out, we are going to make a big poster with all our shapes. Kiesha, what shape are you going to cut out first?

Child:           [UNCLEAR 1:08].

Female:       Oh you are so clever. Can you cut that one out then? Miriam what's this one here?

Child:           [UNCLEAR 1:16].

Female:       Ay, good for you.

A lot of these words associated with numeracy is not in the children's vocabulary. So that is why these experiences are intentionally planned for to really get the children's understanding about those numeracy concepts that aren't in their language. Big, bigger, biggest. Small, smaller, smallest. Thin, thinner, thinnest, all of those language words.

Female:       What's this shape?

Child:           Star.

Female:       No.

Child:           Triangle.

Female:       No, triangle there. This one is a square. It's got four sides, look one, two, three, four.

Child:           I can see from there, ay.

Female:       You always look in the middle like that, trace it then.

When we go digging for what you call pippy shells, we call them [chookai 2:20] here at Yarrabah. You know, the kids will look at how many chookai they found, what shape are the chookai you know, and when we go collecting shells, we can associate how many shells we've found, count them, what size. Did you find a small one or you know, how many big ones did you find? So what colour, you know?

Female:       Any more fish in that water?

Children:      Yes.

Female:       How many there?

Child:           One.

Female:       Are you sure? Let's count. There's lots. One, what come after one?

Child:           Two.

Female:       Good boy, good girl.