Transcript: Knowledge leaders - Uncle Albert Holt

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Transcript: Knowledge leaders - Uncle Albert Holt

My name's Albert Holt and I've earned the status of a community elder since I've come to Brisbane, because of my contribution mainly to education.

I was born in a mission called Cherbourg, where I grew up there and had some difficult times, but I've overcome those difficulties.

Well my job specifically is a Police Liaison Officer, and I was there until I retired. I made friends on both sides of the fence, the bridges I built was educating the police service about cultural issues that were very important.

The rewards I got, even today, somewhere along the line I've helped my people. 

The big part of my life when I came to the city, was to encourage not only Aboriginal students but all students, to maximise the opportunities that are there for them in education. It makes a big difference, because to see our children gain that education, to be able to challenge people if they think because of the colour of your skin they're more important than what you are, it's what lies in you that brings out the best.

My passion is seeing teachers involve themselves with the children and also learning about the culture and the sensitivity they've got to use in promoting a strong identity for the Aboriginal students. Songs and dances and corroborees and participating in all of that, they just love it. It's a holistic approach.

The winners are not only the children getting stronger and that in cultural identity, but the participation of the educator, being a part of it, is a great way of saying well, you know, I'm here to teach you and we're going to go all the way.