Transcript: Knowledge leader - Dean Brady

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Transcript: Knowledge leader - Dean Brady

The song's called Woolbamor and the language it's in is Googliangi.

My name is Dean Brady. My skin name is Djirajinga and my mob on my dad's side is Googliangi and on my mum's side is Zimbabwe.

I sing and go around Australia to do gigs and stuff.

I'd like to be able to - not to become really, really big, but just to - at family parties and stuff, that when they ask me to sing I can just sing a song, come back and I'll probably - most likely get like an ice cream or something from my parents.

I just like to sing in front of my family, because they just help me and they laugh and they smile, and they just encourage me just to know that my family are always there for me, because we're just a big Aboriginal family.