Transcript: Indigenous Early Childhood Mentoring Program

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Transcript: Indigenous Early Childhood Mentoring Program

From the first workshop it’s been absolutely fantastic journey.

I know it sounds really corny but I feel like the program’s changed my life.

I think what makes this program special is our Murray facilitators who are really, really knowledgeable.

They’re like more clear to me, that I can understand because English is my second language.

It really empowers you as an indigenous woman myself to go oh, you know, I can be a leader as well.

Every time I come to one I go back and I feel empowered just to make a difference.

I learnt a lot about the Early Years Learning Framework which I didn’t know before. 

And breaking that framework down and really understanding what it’s about and how it can be embedded into the centres.

It’s given me more confidence and given me more knowledge to take up there.

Since I started the mentoring program my centre and crèche, you wouldn’t recognise that it’s the same place and everybody’s commenting how homey it feels and they do feel like they belong. 

Connecting with all the sisters in the mentor program is just really deadly. 

I learnt a lot from all the other ladies in there. So I got some of their ideas to take back.

All centres should be sending their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to it, especially our young ones. They’re going to be the torch for us in the future and for them to be able to be a part of this mentoring program into the future is really important.